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Guide to Sales Training for Real Estate Agents

A career in real estate isn’t smooth sailing for many who enter the field — there's an old adage that over 75% of new real estate agents leave the industry within their first five years. 

To help you get there, we've put together a guide on the ins and outs of real estate training and offer the best programs for it.

Sales Training

Maximize agent productivity and profitability for all skill levels.

MLS Training

Become equipped with the skills to take advantage of your MLS membership.

Contracts Training

Knowing your contracts will help guide your customers and clients effectively. 

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Weekly Coaching Call

On this call you will find Agents and Brokers who have sold BILLIONS in the real estate industry and in every challenging market. Each week we will have industry leaders sharing their experiences and stories of how they navigated obstacles and excelled where others faltered.   We will take a dive into all the challenges and difficulties in the ever changing REAL Estate market.  “To go further you must go together.”

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Sales Training

The Realty Network real estate training programs maximize agent productivity and profitability for all skill levels, while taking you to the next level of your career.

Realty Network Classes are designed to help real estate professionals become better business owners. Through carefully crafted sessions, attendees will be immersed in next-level business strategies and personal growth content delivered by industry leaders guest speakers. At the industry's top networking and training event, you'll get the opportunity to learn from the best, connect and exchange ideas and as a result – grow your business.


MLS Training

Become equipped with the skills you need to effectively take advantage of your MLS membership. These courses will help you learn how to use the system and other applications that we offer. Because we offer online classes you can taken them at your pace, from the comfort of your home or office.

We encourage you to sign up for as many classes as you’d like and as often as you’d like. The sky is the limit so click on the link below and get started Today!

Mls Computer

Contract Training

Why is it important to know all about contracts that are used in the real estate business? It is important because licensees use contracts to list homes, sell homes, list rental property, and rent property. These contracts layout the terms and conditions that all parties must agree on to move forward with the transaction. Knowing the correct contract to use and what the contract states will help licensees guide their customers and clients properly.

This course dives into all the different contracts licensees use on a day to day basis in Florida. You may use one type of sales contract but receive a different one on one of your listings from another broker or sales associate. It only makes sense to understand the difference between the different contracts that you may receive. It also lays out what constitutes a legal and valid contract and what happens when a contract is breached by one of the parties.


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