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Real Commission Splits

Our platform offers an 85%/15% commission split with a $12,000 cap. No monthly fees. With our industry-leading splits, you’re being rewarded for what you’re already doing—selling real estate—and you’re taking home 85% of your commission.


Real Revenue Share

Other brokerages have their own version of revenue share, but individual agents don’t always benefit. Real determined we could do it better by being honorable to every agent that joins our company. At Real, we built our highest payout into the initial tier, so that if you’re working with other agents who you think are strong producers, you’re motivated to bring them on board.



Real Stock Options

Our model encourages you to succeed by selling and ensures that the more you produce, the more you can earn. Once you’ve capped, you can choose to invest up to 10% of your commission in the form of company stock, and the company rewards you with a 30% bonus at the end of your anniversary year.

We encourage Real agents to bring other top producers to the organization. When you attract someone to the company, and that person closes their first qualified deal, you get rewarded with 250 units of company restricted stock.

I have learned so much about growing my own business, and it wouldn't have been for the help of the Realty Alliance Network Trainings and Events.
John Johnson
Coming from a few different brokerages, I can attest that Real is definitely different. I can reach out to anyone, and they’d respond within minutes. The collaboration, support, and teamwork is the best I’ve seen in the industry. At Real, we all want to grow and succeed together.
Chris Smith
I am inspired by the people I’ve met here who align with my mindset of the value of giving, having a positive life experience...and a relentless commitment to personal growth.
Kaitlyn Reynolds
Marketing Director

What is the realty network?


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Marketing Training

The real estate world is changing quickly, but our commitment to our agents is unwavering. Are you new to Real Estate and need helpful tools to market yourself to create a successful business. We remain committed to providing our agents the opportunity to learn and grow their business. 


Sales Training

To help you create a lasting clients and build relationships we've put together a guide to help you with the ins and outs of real estate sales training, and a list of the best programs. 


Networking Events

With our tools, resources and scheduled events we can show you the important of networking opportunities and how that can help build your successful business too. 




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